Who are the Top 10 Global Leaders of the Telecoms Industry?

10 Global Leaders of the Telecoms Industry Telecoms Industry Top 10 Global Leaders Who are the Top 10 Global Leaders of the Telecoms Industry?

Who are theTop 10 Global Leaders of the Telecoms Industry?


Sydney, Australia, 15 January 2019 - BuddeComm is thrilled to announce the release of the Global Ranking of its Telecom Maturity Index. BuddeComm’s Telecoms Maturity Index (TMI) analyses the broadband, mobile and fixed Line markets of a country as well as a range of economic parameters to rank it on a scale of 1 to 100 and compare it to its region                                                                      


  • BuddeComm reveals today the top 10 global leaders of the telecoms industry, after releasing the TMI in all regions in the course of 2018, including Asia, the Middle East, Latin and North America, Africa ,Europe and the Carribean.

Key points:

  • Europe dominates the top 10 global ranking, along with South Korea, Hong Kong and the US.

  • The top 10 global leaders are 

  1. Denmark with a Telecoms Maturity Index score of 98.4% 
  2. Switzerland (95%)
  3. Estonia(94%)
  4. South Korea(91.9%)
  5. Sweden (91.4%)
  6. Hong Kong (89.5%)
  7. the United States (89.5%)
  8. Iceland (88.5%)
  9. Norway (87.7%)
  10. Finland (87%)



  • Europe is one of the most developed regions globally in terms of telecommunications. The competitive landscape has vastly improved the range and quality of services to end-users, and reduced consumer prices.
  • These efforts have fostered a mature telecom infrastructure supported by operators at the forefront of developing and implementing new technologies. However, there remain some significant differences in maturity within the region between the northern and southern nations.


The Global Market report showcases the TMI for each region providing a unique perspective.  For more information on each country please get in touch.  


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