Another cop charged with hacking police system after complaints spike

cop hacking police system Queenisland

Another cop charged with hacking police system after complaints spike

hacking police system

Another Queensland cop has been stood down and charged after allegedly inappropriately accessing the police service system.

The 50-year-old male senior constable will appear in Toowoomba Magistrates Court on February 18 after being charged with computer hacking and misuse and has been restricted to desk duties.

It comes after the police service was unable to explain an increase in accusations of officers "hacking" into sensitive databases in the past month.

Three male police officers were stood down or suspended in December for allegedly accessing the confidential police database QPRIME.

Only one other was suspended in the past year, a 30-year-old male detective senior constable from Brisbane region in August.

When asked to explain the jump in accusations, a police spokeswoman would only say police took information privacy very seriously.

"The QPS provides significant training to all members on the use and access to confidential information contained on QPS databases," she said.

The four police accused of hacking were set to face court this year.

One of those is Senior Constable Neil Punchard, 52, who is accused of leaking the details of a domestic violence victim to her abuser.

However, the police union said not all officers accused of hacking into sensitive databases were up to something sinister.

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